You are welcome to the ClickToMeditate Homepage!! On this web site I am your guide to the art and science of Meditation. Make yourself relaxed, comfortable and at home. clickToMeditate is a place where all the meditation techniques, spiritual traditions of the world come togather. clickToMeditate is a site that is continuously evolving, it started in the begining of the Year 2009, a lot of contents are yet to be added. Please keep on checking it for new contents. Also register on the Forum, it is a good place to put your questions, provide feedbacks and connect to other like minded people. We will inform you of latest additions in this forum.

This web site will meet following of your Objectives:

Learn the process of Meditation in it's simplest and natural form. This will help you come out of the cycle of chronic stress and will balance your body mind system.

Become regular in the practice of Meditation by using the resources on this web site.

The resources provided here will enable you to Meditate any-place, any-time using any electronic device that connects to internet, like computer, cell-phone etc.

Get all the benefits of regular meditation. A few of them are clarity of mind, stress reduction, etc.

The web site also provides resources to guide overall healthy life style, there are links provided to the articles, news and studies on Meditation, Nutrition, Herbs and spiritiuality. All these links have been carefully reviewed for contents. This section on main page will keep on getting updated each day with new information.

The Meditation technique that we use is commonly known as 'Guided Meditation'. In this technique the 'instructor' guides the 'meditator' gently through different stages of Meditation. You can find all the guided meditations organized in different categories inside the Meditation Room

For learning Meditation, concepts behind it are very important, so we will discuss them in this web site under 'Meditation'. Even if you have prior experience of Meditation please go through this brief introduction with open mind. Wherever we find it necessary we will put links that will explain the point in detail, so in case you are interested you can delve into details. You need not agree with all the thoughts and ideas discussed here, however we request you to be open to analyze them.

A few words about us, me and my family live in California, I work in a high tech company. We have always been on a spiritual quest for more then a decade. In this quest I got introduction to great master and also learned about different spiritual traditions. I find more in common in all of them then the differences. Meditation is a central element in all spiritual traditions, the practice of the meditation differs but objective is always the same. In addition to spiritual quest, Meditation has various other benefits which are answered under FAQ section.